Charles Fenderich after Daniel Powers Whiting.  Toned Lithograph.  G. & W. Endicott Co., NY.  1847.

Capt. Daniel Whiting's regiment, the 7th Infantry, was headquartered to Monterey shortly after its surrender on September 23, 1846.  During this time he produced a series of watercolors about the battle and city.  This, his first, is a view of Monterey from the flat roof of the building north of the cathedral, looking west over the main plaza where Gen. Worth's 2nd Division fought from September 21-23.   The building on the left served as the quarters of the artist's regiment following the battle with the captured Mexican artillery pieces lined up in front.  Directly opposite the man viewing this scene from the rooftop, on the west side of the plaza are the city offices (police, court) and prison.  The pass to Saltillo can be seen in the center with Independence Hill rising to its right.  Fort Soldano is visible on a slope to the right of the pass.  On the left of the pass is Federation Hill with its fortification on top.