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Original Members

Included in the Roster of Original Members, which listed some 160 military officers are, in the words of historian K. Jack Bauer, "most of the major figures in the Mexican War army and a large group whose fame would come a decade and a half later as leaders of the Union and Confederate Armies in the struggle of 1861-1865". Their friendships, and struggles, are unique to the Aztec Club. Many other members of the Club, not original members in 1847, were equally significant leaders of the Army and Navy, both Federal and Confederate, in the great struggle of 1861-1865.

Although entirely non-political in its organization and scope, no less than six of its members have been the standard bearers of their respective parties for President of the United States: Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Winfield Scott, George Brinton McClellan and Winfield Scott Hancock. Of these, three were elected to and have administered that great office.

Two of the Club's members have been candidates for Vice President of the United States, John A. Logan and Simon Bolivar Buckner, and a long line of its distinguished members have held high place in Congress, in the professions and other prominent fields of civic authority and in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

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