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(03-14-1823 - 03-29-1887)

Born at Worthington, Franklin County, OH, he was graduated from the Military Academy at the age of 20, standing 7th in the class of 1843. He was breveted to 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Artillery, on July 1, 1843. He served in garrison at Ft. McHenry, MD, 1843-1844; Ft. Johnston, NC, 1844; and Augusta Arsenal, GA, 1844-1845 before being assigned to the Military Academy as Assistant Professor of Mathematics, September 20, 1845-January 17, 1846. He served on Coast Survey, January 24-May 19, 1846, and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, 2nd Artillery on March 26, 1846.

Ripley was in the War with Mexico, engaged in the Battle of Monterey, September 21-23, 1846 and Siege of Vera Cruz, March 9-29, 1847. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Artillery, March 3, 1847. He thereafter was engaged in the Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 17-18, 1847, and received a brevet to Captain, April 18, 1847, for gallant and meritorious conduct in the Battle of Cerro Gordo. He served as Aide- de-camp to Major-General Pillow, August 6, 1847 - July 20, 1848, engaged in the Battle of Churubusco, August 20, 1847; Battle of Molino del Rey, September 8, 1847 and Storming of Chapultepec, September 13, 1847, for which he was breveted to Major, September 13, 1847, for gallant and meritorious conduct. He was next engaged in the Assault and Capture of Mexico City, September 13-14, 1847.

On leave of absence, 1848-1849, he wrote "History of the War with Mexico", published in two volumes in 1849. He served in the Florida Hostilities against the Seminole Indians, 1849-1850; and in garrison at Ft. McHenry, MD, 1850-1851; at Ft. Monroe, VA, 1851; and Ft. Moultrie, SC, 1852-1853. He resigned on March 2, 1853 to engage in business in Charleston.

In 1860, as a Lieutenant Colonel of the South Carolina forces, Ripley occupied Fort Moultrie after its evacuation by Major Robert Anderson, and Fort Sumter, after its fall in April, 1861. Appointed a Brigadier- General in the Confederacy on August 15, 1861, Ripley was in command of the Department of South Carolina and its coast defenses until his relief the following year by General John C. Pemberton.

During the Mexican War Abercrombie served in the Battle of Monterey, September 21-23, 1846, where he was wounded, and received a brevet to Lieutenant Colonel, "for gallant and meritorious conduct in the several conflicts at Monterey, Mexico". He was at the Siege of Vera Cruz, March 9-29, 1847; Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 17-18, 1847, and as Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Robert Patterson, November 14, 1846 to December 31,1847. He was promoted to Major, 5th Infantry, September 8, 1847.

Roswell Sabine Ripley
Roswell Sabine Ripley

Ripley commanded the 2nd Military District of that state from December, 1861-May, 1862. He was given command of a Brigade in D. H. Hill's Division and fought throughout the Seven Days, being severely wounded at Sharpsburg. He participated in the Battles at Mechanicsville, Gaines's Mill, Malvern Hill, South Mountain, Antietam and Fredericksburg. He was in command of the 1st Military District of South Carolina constructing the defenses of Charleston and met the naval attack of April 7, 1863. After the evacuation of Charleston he joined General R. E. Lee in Richmond and was ordered to General Joseph E. Johnston's army in the spring of 1865, joining him on the day of the Battle of Bentonville.

After the War Ripley went to England where he engaged in a manufacturing venture, which soon failed. He lived in Paris for several years and subsequently returned to businesses in Charleston. He died in New York City, which he frequented, on March 29, 1887. He was buried in Charleston.

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