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Camp of the Army of Occupation


Battle of Contreras

Battle of Monterey

Attack on the Casa Mata

Battle of Molino del Rey

Battle of Monterey

Monterey from Independence Hill

Capture of Monterey

Battle of Monterey - Mexican Perspective

Mexican Withdrawal Toward Saltillo

View of the Valley Toward Saltillo

Other Battles

Siege of Puebla

Battles of Resaca de la Palma and Palo Alto

Battle of Palo Alto

Battle of Sacramento

Battle of Sacramento (Mexican Perspective)

Battle of Buena Vista

Battle of Buena Vista

Battle of Cerro Gordo

Closing Battles of the Mexican War

Battle of Churubusco

Assault on the Belen Gate

Storming of the Castle at Chapultepec - Pillow's Attack

Storming of the Castle at Chapultepec - Quitman's Attack

Storming of the Castle at Chapultepec

Quitman Entering Mexico City with Battalion of Marines

Winfield Scott's Entry into Mexico City

Siege of Vera Cruz

Rendezvous of the Army Before the Siege of Vera Cruz

Frigate Mississippi at Vera Cruz

Attack of Gunboats at Vera Cruz

Naval Bombardment of Vera Cruz

Naval Battery at Vera Cruz

Landing of Troops at Vera Cruz

Naval Expeditions

Crossing the Bar at the Mouth of the Tabasco River

Ascending the Tuspan River

Ascending the Tabasco River at Devil's Bend

Attack of the Mexicans at Tabasco River

Landing of Naval Expedition at Tabasco

Capture of Tabasco