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The following are the chief sources used in the preparation of this database. Codes refer to citations appearing in Database of American Officers Serving in the Mexican War. The alpha-numeric codes shown in the database refer to the sources shown below and include the page number that refers to the page cited. Bibliographic sources are provided both to document where evidence of an officer's service was found as well as to provide a reference to be consulted for additional information not contained in the database.

References not specifically footnoted to records in the database are also shown below but do not have an alpha-numeric code.

Detailed biographies and photographs of over 100 officers, original members of the Aztec Club, can be viewed elsewhere at this web site. Click the link to the left to view them.

A Roster of the Aztec Club of 1847. 1896 Edition. Aztec Club Archives. Carlisle Barracks, PA.
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