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Timeline - 1846


Chronology of the Mexican War

Date in 1846


January 13

Gen. Taylor ordered to move his army to the Rio Grande

February 9

Lt. Gillespie arrived at Mazatlan

February 11

Lt. Gillespie left Mazatlan for Monterey in the Cyane

March 5

Capt. Fremont and his expedition entrenched themselves on Gavilan Peak, California

March 9

Capt. Fremont and his expedition leave for Oregon


Thomas O. Larkin requests a warship be sent to California

March 17

Commo. Sloat asked to be relieved of command of the Pacific Squadron

March 23

Gen. Taylor's army reached Port Isabel, Texas

April 1

The sloop Portsmouth leaves Mazatlan for Monterey, California in response to Larkin's request

April 12

Gen. Pedro de Ampudia, Mexican commander at Matamoros, demanded that Gen. Taylor withdraw his army beyond the Nueces River

April 17

Lt. Gillespie arrived at Monterey, CA in the Cyane

April 23

Mexican President Paredes declared a defensive war. Sloop Portsmouth arrived at Monterey.


The sloop Portsmouth arrived at Monterey, California

April 25

Capt. Seth Thornton's reconnaissance patrol ambushed on the left (north) bank of the Rio Grande at Brownsville, Texas


Skirmish at La Rosia (30 miles above Matamoras)

May 4

Commo. David Conner and most of the Home Squadron left Anton Lizardo, Mexico for Brazos Santiago on the Rio Grande

May 4-9

Siege of Fort Brown, opposite Matamoras

May 8

Gen. Taylor defeated the Mexicans at the Battle of Palo Alto


Commo. Conner's squadron reached Brazos Santiago and landed 500 men, under Capt. Francis H. Gregory, to reinforce the garrison at Point Isabel

May 9

Gen. Taylor defeated the Mexicans at the Battle of Resaca-de-la-Palma, Texas


Lt. Gillespie meets Capt. Fremont at Klamath Lake, Oregon


News of the April 25 ambush of Capt. Thornton's patrol reached Washington

May 10

Surgeon William M. Wood and Consul John Parrott reached Guadalajara, learned that there had been fighting, and sent the news to Commo. Sloat at Mazatlan

May 11

U. S. President James K. Polk asks Congress to declare war on Mexico

May 13

Declaration of War signed by Polk

May 14

Commo. Conner issued a blockage proclamation covering Vera Cruz, Alvarado, Tampico anmd Matamoras

May 18

Capt. John Henry Aulick, USN led a boat expedition up the Rio Grande to assist the U. S. Army


The Mexican steamers Guadaloupe and Montezuma put to sea from Alvarado and escaped

May 19

Squadron of Revenue Marine cutters (Capt. John A. Webster, USRM) ordered to the Gulf of Mexico

May 20

Capt. Aulick's expedition returned to Brazos Santiago


Sloop St. Mary's began the blockade of Tampico and the steamer Mississippi began blockade of Vera Cruz

May 24

Sloop Falmouth captured Mexican schooner Croilla; brig Somers seized the schooner Amada

May 30

Decision of the American Cabinet to send an expedition under Col. Stephen Watts Kearny to seize California

June 2

The sloop Portsmouth arrived at San Francisco

June 8

Sloop St. Mary's bombarded by the defenses of Tampico

June 10

Ezekiel Merritt and others seized horses belonging to the Californian authorities

June 14

Night attack on the gunboats at Tampico attempted by the sloop St. Mary's


Sonoma, California seized by Bear Flaggers

June 24

Skirmish north of San Francisco Bay between California militia and Bear Flaggers north of San Francisco

June 25

Letters of marque and reprisal auuthorized by the Mexican Congress

June 26

Mexican President Paredes issues regulations on privateering

July 2

Commo. Sloat and the frigate Savannah reach Monterey, California

July 4

Bear Flag Republic proclaimed

July 7

Landing party (Capt. William Mervine, USMC) from the frigate Savannah, sloops Cyane and Levant occupied Monterey, California


Cdr. Alexander Slidell Mackenzie met in Havana with ex-Mexican President Anotonio Lopez de Santa Anna

July 9

Landing party from the sloop Portsmouth (Cdr. John B. Montgomery) occupied San Francisco

July 15

Commo. Robert F. Stockton arrived at Monterey, California in the frigate Congress

July 19

Capt. John C. Fremont reached Monterey, California

July 21

Commo. Stockton extends the blockade to Tecoluto, Tuxpan and Soto la Marina

July 23

Commo. Sloat appointed Stockton commander of operations ashore; Stockton organized the California Battalion under Capt. John C. Fremont

July 27

The U. S. offered to send a representative to Mexico to discuss peace


Commo. W. Branford Shubrick ordered to command the Pacific Squadron

July 28

The Cumberland ran aground on Chopas Reef forcing calcelation of a planned attack on Alvarado

July 29

Commo. Sloat transferred to Commo. Stockton command of the Pacific Squadron


Landing party (Lt. Stephen C. Rowan) from the sloop Cyane seized San Diego and the Mexican flag brig Juanita was captured in the harbor

August 4

Frigate Congress landed a garrison (Midshipman William Mitchell) at Santa Barbara

August 6

Mexican President Peredes overthrown; Jose Mariano Salas named acting President


Landing party (Lt. Jacob Zeilin, USMC) from the frigate Congress seized San Pedro, California (Los Angeles harbor)

August 7

Commo. Conner with the steamer Mississippi, steamer Princeton, frigate Potomac, schooner Reefer, schooner Petrel, and schooner Bonita attack Alvarado, Mexico but fail to take it

August 10

Sloop Cyane captured the Mexican brig Primavera off San Diego

August 13

Commo. Stockton with a landing party from the frigate Congress occupied Los Angeles

August 14

Mexican forces in Alta California surrendered

August 21

Brig Porpoise (Lt. William E. Hunt) captured Mexican schooner Nonata in the Gulf of Mexico

August 22

Commo. Stockton proclaimed September 15 as the date elections were to be held in California


Commo. Shubrick left Boston for the Pacific in the razee Independence

August 29

President Polk's cabinet declared that Vera Cruz and Tampico should be seized

September 2

Cdr. Samuel F. DuPont, captain of the sloop Cyane, proclaimed the blockade of San Blas, Mexico; a landing party (Lt. Stephen C. Rowan) spiked 24 cannon

September 3

Sloop Cyane captured the Mexican sloop Solita and the brigantine Susana off San Blas

September 7

Boat expedition (Lt. William Radford) from the sloop Warren cut out the Mexican brig Malek Adhel at Mazatlan

September 8

Sloop Warren captured the Mexican brig Carmelita off Mazatlan

September 9

Cdr. Joseph B. Hull of the sloop Warren proclaimed the blockade of Mazatlan

September 14

Sloop Cyane seized the Mexican brigantines Correo, La Paz and Manuela, schooners Julia, Mazolea, Eliza, Victoria and Adelaide, and the sloop San Jose at La Paz, Baja California


Santa Anna became Commander-in-Chief of the Mexican Army

September 21-23

Battle of Monterey, Mexico

September 23

Lt. Gillespie's garrison at Los Angeles attacked

September 24

Servulo Varela proclaimed a rebellion in California


Lt. Gillespie send Juan "Flaco&auot; Brown to carry news of the rebellion to Commo. Stockton

September 25

Gen. Kearny, escorted by the 1st Dragoons, left Santa Fe for California

September 29

American garrison at Los Angeles surrendered

October 1

Sloop Cyane captured the Mexican sloops Libertad and Fortuna at Loreto, Baja California


Juan "Flaco" Brown delivered news of the rebellion at Los Angeles to Commo. Stockton in San Francisco

October 2

Sloop Cyane captured the Mexican schooner Rosita at Loreto, Baja California

October 4

Sloop cyane captured the Mexican sloops Chapita and Alerto at Muleje, Baja California

October 6

Commo. Perry assumed command of the steamer Mississippi


Gen. Kearny met Kit Carson near Socorro, New Mexico

October 7

Boat expedition (Lt. George W. Harrison) from the sloop Cyane cut out and burned the Mexican brig Condor in Guaymas harbor; gunboats Anahuac and Sonorense were also burned


Capt. Mervine landed a detachment from the frigate Savannah for a march on Los Angeles

October 8

Capt. Mervine's attempt to recapture Los Angeles failed

October 15

Commo. Conner made a second assault on Alvarado with two large steamers, two small steamers, and five schooner-gunboats

October 23

Commo. Perry with the steamer Vixen, Revenue steamer McLane, Revenue cutter Forward, schooners Bonita and Nonata, seized Frontera, Mexico along with the steamers Petrita and Tabasquena, and the schooner Laura Virginia; the schooner Bonita captured the Mexican schooner Amado in the Tabasco River

October 25

Commo. Perry and the squadron captured Tabasco and the ships there

October 30

Commo. Stockton arrived at San Diego in the frigate Congress

November 14

Commo. Conner with two small steamers, four schooner-gunboats and a 300-man landing party seized Tampico and the ships there, including the Mexican schooner-gunboats Union, Pueblana and Manonese, merchant schooner Ormingo, and Spanish schooner Isabella

November 16

Cdr. Josiah Tatnall led an expedition up the Panuco River

November 17

Capt. Fremont's force left Monterey for Los Angeles

November 19

Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott appointed to command the expedition to Vera Cruz

November 26

Boat party under Lt. James L. Parker from the brig Somers burned the Mexican schooner Criolla at Vera Cruz

December 6

Affair of San Pasqual, California

December 7

Skirmish at San Bernardo, California

December 12

Gen. Kearny and his army arrived at San Diego

December 14

Capt. Fremont captured San Luis Obispo, California

December 21

Commo. Perry with the steamer Vixen, schooners Bonita amd Petrel occupied Carmen


Capt. Fremont reached Santa Barbara, California

December 26

Boat party under Lt. James L. Parker from the brig Somers burned the Mexican schooner Criolla at Vera Cruz

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