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Statistics About the American Army in Mexico


Presented in this section of our Web Site are statistics pertaining to the American Army employed in the Mexican War. The Mexican War was the first war in which the United States fielded an army composed in the largest part by volunteer soldiers. These volunteers came from the various states of the Union.


The loss to the United States in casualties of war was not fully realized until decades later. While battle deaths amounted only to 1.5% of the troops, those who died from disease and other non-combat causes was nearly 10%. By the end of the Mexican War it was reported that 5,987 Americans lost their lives due to disease and other non-combat causes. However, for decades following the war more and more soldiers died due to causes attributed to the Mexican War. The final tally of deaths due to disease and non-combat causes of the Mexican War was 11,155. In addition to this 10% casualty rate due to disease, another 8% were discharged for disability, either from wounds or illness and a similar number deserted.

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