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Uniforms of the Mexican War


Marine Corps Shako Plate

The American eagle appeared in one form or another on much of the uniforms and gear of the United States. Above is the Marine Corps shako plate.


As splendid as the American uniforms were, they proved to be woefully inappropriate for the Mexican campaign. Wool hats and jackets were either too warm or too thin against the bitter cold.


Regular Army Officer of the Mexican War
Coat of Major William Hawkins Polk
3rd Dragoons, USA
An Original Member of the Aztec Club
(Brother of President James K. Polk)


Artillery Officer of the Army
Jacket and forage cap of
Capt. (Bvt. Lt. Col. & Col.) James Duncan
2nd Artillery, USA
An Original Member of the Aztec Club


Ordinary Seamen
Ordinary Seaman's Bell-Bottoms Ordinary lightweight bell-bottoms were often dressed up with fancy work added by sailors with little else to do while on ship.


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