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Los Angeles Metro Rail Station

In June, 2000, the newest subway station in the Los Angeles Metro Rail project opened at the site of Campo de Cahuenga, across the street from Universal Studios Hollywood. It was on this site, in January 12, 1847, where the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed ending the Mexican War in the west. The colorful glazed tile art depicts the early history of California, from its founding through its becoming part of the United States. Text of the permanent exhibit, constructed into the very walls of the station, is both in English and Spanish. As patrons descend the escalator from ground level into the station, a large timeline is presented. Upon entering the embarkation area, the visitor encounters colorful art depicting this early history of California, by artist Margaret Garcia.

Don Andreas Pico and John Charles Fremont
Signers of the Treaty of Cahuenga

Los Angeles / Universal City Metro Rail Station Artwork
The early history of California is recounted
by artist Margaret Garcia in both English and Spanish

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