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Meeting of 1873

The Annual Meeting was held on September 16, 1873, at Philadelphia. Following the meeting, members and guests attended an Anniversary Dinner, given by General Robert Patterson, at his mansion on Locust Street in "Center City" Philadelphia. Patterson's mansion at 13th and Locust Streets is now home to the Pennsylvania Historical Society although much of the original structure is now gone. It was known as the "little white marble palace". The mirrors in its drawing room once belonged to George Washington and its marble mantles were once owned by Joseph Bonaparte, the brother of the Emperor Napoleon.

The Little White Palace
Home of Gen. Robert Patterson

There probably was not another home in Philadelphia in which so many distinguished Americans of the three generations following the American Revolution had gathered. General Patterson knew all, and entertained most, of the Presidents of the United States, from Jefferson to Garfield. He was still a young man when he took part in receiving Lafayette, and later Monroe. In the prime of his life he stood by the side of Andrew Jackson on the day when the Philadelphia democracy threw open the town to "Old Hickory"; and when James K. Polk came to the city, while President, the dinner and great ball at the Patterson mansion closed the festal tributes to the Tennessee statesman.

Robert Patterson
Gen. Robert Patterson

While there, these former comrades in arms gathered on Gen. Patterson's porch to have their picture taken.

1873 Meeting
Gathering on the Porch During the Meeting of 1873

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1873 Meeting
Another Pose During the Meeting of 1873

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