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The Palmetto Regiment

South Carolina
in the Mexican War

South Carolina played a significant role in the Mexican War, both in America's professional army and its volunteer army. Milledge Luke Bonham, Benjamin Huger and Barnard Bee, each a member of the Aztec Club, were in the United States Army in Mexico. In December, 1846, South Carolina's Palmetto Regiment was organized. It served valiantly during the campaign in the Valley of Mexico all the way to Mexico City. In his recent book titled South Carolina in the Mexican War (South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Columbia, South Carolina USA. 1996.), Jack A. Meyer, Ph. D. states that by the War's end over 40 percent of the Palmetto Regiment had died of wounds or disease.

The following is the text of a speech given after the Mexican War by General Samuel McGowan at a meeting of the Palmetto Regiment.

mcgowanb.jpg (34092 bytes)

Gen. Samuel McGowan

Life and Correspondence of John A. Quitman.  Major-General, U.S.A. and Governor of the State of Mississippi. John Francis Hamtrach Claiborne.  In Two Volumes.  Harper and Brothers, New York.  1860.

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